Earnings Information for WA Graduates Employed in WA FAQ | About the Data
About the Earnings Report data

This website displays earnings of students completing certificates and degrees from Washington’s public schools and universities and for those completing apprenticeship programs in Washington.

Completers with earnings in the report:

Include individuals: Do not include individuals:
  • Employed in Washington
  • Earning at least 75 percent of full‐time hours at Washington’s minimum wage*
  • Working all four quarters in a calendar year
  • Employed exclusively outside Washington
  • Earning less than 75 percent of full‐time hours at Washington’s minimum wage*
  • That are self‐employed
  • Employed by the Federal Government
*See Earnings definition for specific criteria

Really important points:

  • Data are not displayed for groups of fewer than 30 individuals.
  • Wage rates vary across the state and the mix of programs offered by a college often reflects the regional economy. Earnings variations across colleges are expected.
  • Many students continue their education after completion of a program and do not reach their full earning power until completing their education.
  • Many factors in addition to earnings are required to measure the true value of a degree.
  • Knowing about typical earnings of graduates of programs may assist in decision-making, but personal interest and skills are the most important factors in education and career planning.
More information to help understand this report:

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